Find your Diva...

Register here as a Vendor looking to be a part of a Divas event or get yourself registered and find your Diva!  Here is a list of upcoming events:


Divas Vision Board Night

October 11, 2017 7 pm to 9 pm

187 Rue Principale, Main Street, Emmaus, PA

Divas Registration - $15 per person



Divas Style & Wellness

October 21, 2017 12pm to 4 pm

Elite Sports Academy, 4651 Colebrook Avenue, Emmaus PA

Attendee Registration (Claim your Gift Bag) It's free!

Vendor Registration


Pink Night

October 24, 20175pm to 8:30 pm

House & Barn 1449 Chestnut Street, Emmaus, PA

Attendee Registration - $10 per person includes swag and drink ticket