Divas Social Club
Divas Social Club
Everyone has a little Diva in them...find yours!


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Dynamic Imaginative Valuable Ambitious and Savvy is how we describe the Divas.   The Divas Social Club opens doors for women small business owners and creates ways for them to engage the Lehigh Valley and showcase what makes them DIVAS.  Everyone has a little diva in them...find yours.


Jennifer Eck, co-Founder

Since 2010 Jennifer Eck has owned a boutique events marketing firm, Jennifer Eck, LLC located in Emmaus, Pennsylvania.  Jennifer connects the Divas with the Lehigh Valley through networks and events.  Her goal is for every Diva to realize they can do it all...with a little help once in awhile.


Michenelle groller, co-founder

Michenelle is a Mary Kay Sales Director.  The core of the Divas Social Club is direct sales.  Michenelle helps define why the Divas need to be a part of a community and how engaging everyone you meet can change you in some way.  Oh...and she makes sure you look good along the way!

Michelle Hoezel, Director

Michelle is a founding member of the Divas Social Club and is a Concierge Vacation Planner at Storybook World Travel in Allentown, Pennsylvania.


Sonia Finnegan, director

Sonia is a founding member of the Divas Social Club and is the owner of a Perfectly Posh franchise.




Stay tuned for a complete list of the Divas!